Double smoked ABT's

ABT's are "Arkansas Buffalo Turds". You cut a jalapeno long wise, core out the seeds and veins with a teaspoon. then fill it with a Lil Smokey (mini sausage), cream cheese and shredded cheese. add a little BBQ rub to the cheese, close the jap back up, wrap it in BACON and stick a toothpick thru it to hold it together.

They are great that way, but I felt something was missing. I like a little crisp on my sausage and the Lil Smokey's were too soft. I started pre grilling the Lil Smokey's first and then making the ABTs. That was the trick. The only thing is, you need extra Lil Smokey's because every mouth in the house is chewing them as your stuffing the japs. it's a race to get them stuffed before all the Smokey's are gone. I didn't even tell them. the smell pulled them in!

Here are a few picks of some ABTs on the grill. The cheese melts and runs, so you have to cook it at a good temp like your cooking chicken and get it done while there is still some filling left.