Inihaw na Baboy (BBQ Pork chops, Filipina Style)

This is a good example of why I let my Filipina wife do my pork chop marinades. This is how she cooked and sold them at home. The sugar gives them an unforgettably sweet flavor

We were going to a small Filipino birthday party and we needed a Filipino dish. My wife marinated 12 chops the way she did them back home.

overnight marinade:
minced garlic, onion, pepper, 1 cup sugar, soy sauce, vinager.

Blue bag Kingsford and mesquite

They had a nice sweet taste. I really like chops this way. They were a hit at the party.

We threw it into the mix at the party
there were some oven cooked, stuffed japs there. I promised them some ABT's in the near future.
the soup is "Ninagang baka". it had corn cobs, beef, cabbage, green beans.

Then it was all finished off with "Torron". A banana in a lumpia wrapper making a banana eggroll.

then some "Torron" with brown sugar.