I wanted to do a mega hot wing experiment and I got a bunch of suggestions on how to make different kinds of wings.
I first brined the wings to add some juice
Then, I cooked them like I usually cook my legs. I used mesquite, Kingsford and an Old Smokey kettle. I had my wife's legs on one Old Smokey and I put Lowry's seasoned salt on them. On the other kettle, I filled it with 7 lbs of brined wings. I seasoned everything with Big Ron's, Hint of Houston.

this is the point where Big Ron messed up the whole experiment 

I took 2/3rds of a bottle of Big Ron's sauce and added sriacha sauce until I hit the heat I could take. I pulled off the first wing and dunked it in the dip. at that point, the whole test was over. I already found my favorite wings. Let's put it this way, My wife is telling me to open a restaurant (see the bottom of page for the rest of that story).

I think I nailed it. woops, I think Ron nailed it.

I did put BBQPitBoys chedder and bacon on half of the wings.

Thx Ron for messing up my experiment!

My wife is my biggest critic after myself. I spent 20 years perfecting the 6 different things I used to always cook. I had it nailed and had few errors on "the usual". She loves those dishes. I started this experimenting because she was getting burnt out on me continuously cooking the same stuff. I started hearing "BBQ again??". So I started growing the menu. The problem with experimenting is each meal is not A++ anymore. Most of the stuff was great and will be done again but they all need perfecting. She freaked out on these wings though. She started talking about us flying to the Philippines and opening a restaurant and hugging me and freaking out. She even started calling people about the wings!!
So I better put this on the "menu" as is and leave it alone. everyone who ate it had a similar reaction. I'm glad I asked you how to do it Ron!!
It's all about the smoke!