This cookout was in December of 2010 at our house in the Philippines. Enjoy!!

(side note. This house was blown away by the typhoon. Everyone shown here survived but the village is gone.

Lechon (BBQ) Baboy (pig)

We sent over $350 for a quadruple birthday party. They bought a $110 piggy, a $115 camera and the rest of the money went into Tuba (homemade wine, described later), San Miguel (beer) and sides.

This is my brother-in-law, Marlon. He's the Pit Master for this cookout!
I told them to name the pig and I was informed that they "don't name their food!"

They boiled a pot of water to de-hair the piggy

Bamboo enema. They are surounded by jungle so coconuts and bamboo are everywhere.

Coconut shells for fuel


Now thats food pron!


Poncit. (rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, yard long green beans, Soy sauce, veggie oil)

Menudo. (potatoes, carrots, red pepper, garlic, pork)

Chicken Curry (chicken, potatoes, carrots, red pepper, curry powder)

Dinuguan (intestines, blood, peppers)

White Rice

the two gallon jugs are Tuba. They climb coconut trees and spike into the coconuts and add the ingredients. they then plug the hole and let it ferment in the tree. they then pick the coconut and drain the tuba. you have to have your own container and you go and get it filled. Because of that, there was no way to take any home on my visits. It tastes like apple wine and has a pretty good kick. Poor mans moonshine.

I just noticed the fly trying out the birthday cake! I tried to flick it off my screen!
Whoever got the cake left off Bulakak's name. there were 4 birthdays this month. Mary has has 4 brothers and 6 sisters and a bunch of nieces and nephews.

Plated up! (family pics)

The picture taker, Melody. My sister-in-law. (in college for "Hotel, Restaurant Management")

The Kitchen. they have mud/dirt boxes on the wood counter and they make a fire using all those sticks, then place 3 rocks to hold pots and pans. They sell food out in front on the street and cook everything here.