My daughter was coming up from Texas to get my approval on her new man. She also gave me the job of teaching this Texan how to cook because she misses my BBQ. (I moved to central Illinois from Houston because of a heat stroke in 93).
You can imagine how much fun I had with a guy from Houston coming up to Illinois to learn how to BBQ
He's a beer salesman for 80 micro breweries and he is a good cook, so I planned a long and hard day, using his hands to cook, and cook, and cook...

As we cooked, we went around the neighborhood giving away food and we both slept really good that night.
At that point he was in an apartment but they had plans for moving in to a house in the near future (they just moved in last week with marriage plans and babies to come).
I didn't know what situation he would be in when he finally bought a smoker and grill so I showed him how to use an Old Smokey, a modified brinkmann gourmet and how to smoke and grill with a UDS. I showed him how to use a chimney and my weed burner to get the coals started and we got to work in the kitchen.

We used red bag USA RO in the smoker and Kingsford for all the grilling. I have a stack of Mesquite wood and a pickup load of Apple wood. all the birds were over mesquite and all the pork was over apple.
All the birds were covered with Lowry's seasoned salt and Big Ron's HOH

The 4 of us didn't starve that weekend!

The ribs would take the longest, so we covered them with OakridgeBBQ competition and got them going.

We cut a chicken in half and cooked 4 thighs. the half chickens were continuously basted with a vinegar mop sauce

we got the Brinkmann going and water smoked 2 birds with beer and water

the thighs got basted with Big Ron's BBQ sauce about 8 mins before pulling off the rack

Foil off

the half chickens got some Big Ron's BBQ sauce

we started with the Roxy's Rib Glaze

final sear

we grilled the Lil Smokey's then made some ABTs beside some pork chops. the ABTs got some Big Ron's HOH

when the mop sauce ran out we dumped the leavings on the bird

We had a good time, She got my approval (first time she asked) I'm proud of her. and he's hooked (on Q). He knows enough now that I can help him online from now on and he knows what it should taste like when it's done right.
I was able to help Houston out a little. You guys have a new pitmaster!!