Pork Butt

I started my butt training with some tips from a famous pit builder from a competition BBQ team in Texas. Here's what he said to get me started:

    This is how I cook Butts. The night before I lightly crown the fat cap (cross cut it about 1/4" to 3/8" deep) then I apply the rub and wrap it in plastic wrap place it in the fridge till the next morning. In the morning when my fire is ready I remove the plastic wrap, apply either an EVOO or plain yellow mustard slather and then apply a second coat of rub. Place it on the cooker fat cap up and let it cook. No injection is needed for a Butt or shoulder unless you want to alter the meat taste, you can safely run your cooker at the 250 range with spikes as high as 275 pork Butts are a very forgiving cut where temps are concerned. After about 5hrs. in the smoke depending on if my bark is set I will spritz with a 1 part Apple cider vinegar 2 parts Apple juice. After the Butt hits 165 internal you can wrap if you like I prefer to cook it until it reaches 200 internal then wrap in foil and a towel to rest for 30 min. to 1hr.

There are large debates on BBQ sites about FSU or FSD (Fat side up or down) one side has the fat on the top so it drools on the meat as it renders. The other group has the fat on the bottom as a buffer between the meat and the coals. 

After that and a good smoker with predictable temps like an Ugly Drum Smoker, it's then all about smoke and rub. I start with mustard powder and then either use "Big Ron's Hint of Houston" or "OakridgeBBQ Competition rub". I like using apple wood, but there is not much of a smoke ring. I will be going back to using mesquite wood on the next few butts. I use 2 gallon freezer Ziplocs to put them in the fridge after rubbing.

this is what I woke up to. gave it a spritz before Church

I went to Sam's to buy something for the UDS and forgot they do everything supersize!! I got two butts totaling 15.66 lbs. I covered them in mustard, then rubbed in a pound of Big Ron's HOH and put them in the fridge.

15.66 pounds of butt!
252-257 for 10 hours.

just before I went to sleep, I peeked at the butts. about 3 hours in the smoker. I just peeked and closed the valve a little

then at 10 hours, my maverick alarm clock told me to get up (set for 195F)

these scrapings were breakfast!!!!!

I put everything in the cooler, ate the scrapings and went back to sleep.
When I got up, I woke up to this:
the smoke ring was killer!! it was awesome!!