My UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)

An ugly drum smoker is a 55 gallon food grade drum, burned out and fitted with vents and racks to be a smoker. Mine are modded a little further to also be a grill. I can have 3 racks over the coals with a baffle between the fire and the food, so it acts like an oven. I can also have the rack(s) directly over the coals and any spacing I choose. I can also put a water pan over the coals and have a water smoker to cook whole chickens. This one design replaces all the grills and smokers in my shed.

Here is a link to my UDS build

for all those germaphobic grill cleaning nuts...

Look at all that flavor!!

I dumped out all the juice from yesterdays brisket and this beautiful baby is ready to go

can you smell all those golden scents?!?

It's like when your starting your smoker and your neighbor comes by saying "that smells so good, what are you cooking?" but there is no food in the smoker yet

Like when you walk out the door and smell the food cooking on the other side of the house..

Like when you sit down to eat and your clothes are so smoked, you can't tell if there is enough smoke in the food...

BBQ is addictive and the food on the table afterwards is only half of it.