I would serve any of this to guests with pride, but it does not really meet my BBQ standards. I have a lot to learn about cooking pizzas and as good as the last two pizzas were on this list, I don't have much drive to do it better. Proper "smoker pizza" is thin crust and I like a thick, meaty pizza.

You need to get a smoker up to 700F to do a pizza properly. I could only get a UDS up to 450F. I added more air flow to them and could then get them up to 550F. I'm still working on getting the proper temps. I'm not a huge fan of thin crust pizza and it takes way too long to feed a crowd this way, so this is pretty low on my priority list. Here are the cookouts and my Pizza learning process:


First I did a cast iron pizza. 


    Then I got some Pizza Stones

Then I started cheating.  

   And I cheated again!